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Capital Mall
Photos show our park bench castings installed in the downtown Portland Oregon Park Blocks and in the Salem, Capital Mall USA, in front of the Capital Building.

                                        Simple and elegant

     Portland and Salem style park bench support castings (web store link)

     We offer two different types of park bench leg support castings. We do not sell entire park benches. The Portland style bench leg support was originally designed at the city of Portland Oregon's inception to be used for the downtown park blocks and the benches have, over the years,  proven to be comfortable and simplistically elegant.  Since that time, we have made only two modifications to the original bench legs used.  Today, we make the leg castings  out of a more durable and flexible aluminum alloy, instead of the original iron; and the bench leg's are now powder coated black, as opposed to painted (which can flake and peel.)  The Salem style bench leg differs only slightly from the Portland style, Our Portland style bench leg castings typically support 1"x 2.50"x 6' long wood slats, surface four sides, ease each edge
or 1 1/2"x 3 1/2" aluminum rectangular tubing. We can supply the 1 1/2"x 3 1/2" x 6' long aluminum rectangular tubing powder coated to match the support leg castings, call for current pricing. The main difference being that the Salem design has been lengthened on the front end to accommodate full dimension  recycled plastic 2"x 4"s.
  Most often we only sell the bench leg supports and the customer provides the plastic, aluminum tubing or wood slats. If you need fully completed benches (wood and all), we can  help you find an assembler/installer. The wood that we recommend,  and have found to be both attractive and practical over time, is an Alaskan yellow cedar with slightly rounded or "eased" edges.  When this sturdy wood is assembled using stainless steel hardware the benches will last a long time in all types of weather. Please note that the castings are not pre drilled. This allows our customers to customize there benches with a verity of different kind and size materials.
     For further information about pricing and availability,
E Mail Us at
     For specific foundry information on the alloy used, see our aluminum section about aluminum alloy 713 click on this link Alloy 713.  


Part #. Barr oo3   (Portland
Bench Support leg)

                                                                    003 Bench sid photo

Note the staggered bolt pads - Makes the entire assembled bench, rigid.
Use all the bolt pads!

011 Bench sid photo  

Part #. Barr 011   (Salem style
Bench Support leg)    
This design allows you complete, bolt placement, freedom. Note a staggered bolt design  makes the entire assembled bench, rigid.
a staggered bolt design!

If you want to shorten or lengthen the 14 1/2" seat flange, just ask. 503-771-3346

                               We provide this service using only certified materials.

                                      * Certified Alloy 713 meets your green requirements for recycled aluminum.

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