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Please note: This brand of alloy is no longer made. However there are other smelters making there own version of this metal.
Please check with us for availability.

We offer many different alloys for you to choose from.
This page, in particular, is dedicated to giving the specifications for
, formally Bronwite. Now available, White Tombasil UNS No C99700. The ingot numbers that you find listed in the furnace room pages, such as UNS No C99700, are the alloys that we have found to be the most popular, and are arranged in three main categories (Bronze, Aluminum, and Zinc.)  We have an inventory of each of the alloys listed in the furnace room pages, while other alloys are available on request.

(Tip) Please keep in mind that each alloy is engineered for a particular purpose. For example, sheet metal can require different characteristics of an alloy than tubing, extruded metal or sand casting . Because certain projects require different alloy characteristics, we certify our alloys.  Not all foundries offer alloy certification, and some cast their parts from mixed alloys of scrap.  This can greatly weaken an alloy, or make it unpredictable.  If you have a particular purpose, that will require the full strength of your metals property's with predictable result's, then certified material is crucial.   At Barr Casting we keep a record of the certifications for each new bundle of ingot.

Please note:
In the designation system numbers from C1000 through C7999 denote wrought (sheet and plate) alloys. Cast alloy UNS No. numbers start at C80000 through C99999

Note: The unified numbering system (UNS) is an alloy designation system, widely accepted in North America.

White Tombasil is the equal of nickel silver, some times called, German silver in respect to color, luster, strength, ductility, hardness, and it is a grate deal more versatile because of its lower melting temperature.

Major uses: Ornaments, Marine Hardware, Musical instruments Parts, Building Hardware, Flanges. 

                                                                White Tombasil

min 54.0 to 56.5 max
1 max
min1.5 to 2.0 max
min4.0 to 6.0 max
min19.0 to 25 max
min11.0 to 15.0 max
min .50 to 3.0 max
Typical Properties
                         1.0 max
Weight lbs/ in 3
Pattern makers shrinkage  in /ft

Tensile strength, Ksi
sand cast
Die cast
Yleld strength, Ksi
Elongation % in 2"
Brinall hardness (500 Kg)
Machine ability rating
Heat treatment

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