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We offer many different alloys for you to choose from.  This page, in particular, is dedicated to giving the specifications for Aluminum 713.  The ingot numbers that you find listed in the furnace room pages, such as Aluminum 713, are the alloys that we have found to be the most popular, and are arranged in three main categories (Bronze, Aluminum, and Zinc.)  We have an inventory of each of the alloys listed in the furnace room pages, while other alloys are available on request.

(Tip) Please keep in mind that each alloy is engineered for a particular purpose.   For example, sheet metal can require different characteristics of an alloy than tubing, extruded metal or sand casting alloy.  Because certain projects require different alloy characteristics, we certify our alloys.  Not all foundries offer alloy certification, and some cast their parts from mixed alloys of scrap.  This can greatly weaken an alloy, or make its cure rates change significantly.  If you have a particular purpose, such as needing the full strength of your metal then certified ingot is crucial.   At Barr Casting we keep a record of the certifications for each new bundle of ingot.

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713.1 ALUMINUM _____TENZALOY--or--(TZ)
Only secondary is currently available, however it is alloyed to
primary spec. 713.1 
(Recycaled product FREE of MERCURY stantment
not supplyed 11/19/12)


The self aging Aluminum casting alloy/ High strength without heat treatment

Tenzaloy is a high strength aluminum casting alloy of the aluminum -zink-magnesium type which does not require heat treating. It ages at room temperature to produce mechanical properties equivalent to those of common heat treated alloys such as 195, 355, and 356. Normal room temperature aging develops full strength in 10-14 days. When faster curing is desirable final properties can be obtained, quickly by aging TZ at 250F for about 12hr. Self aging avoids the potentially undesirable warp age issue when heat treating other alloys. TZ will color anodize. On the negative side. This alloy does require all the journeyman's skill to gate and riser properly. This makes it harder to get consistently good castings .At Barr Casting we have had very good results with this alloy!

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--Sand cast specification minimum for--- -------------Alloy 713 Tenzaloy------------


Weight, lb/in



As cast aged one day As cast age 10-14 days at room temp T1 Aged 10-16 Hr at 250F T5
Tensile strength ksi 32 29 35 35
Yield strength ksi(0,2%offset) 22 16 25 26
Elongation % 3 6-9 4-5 3-5
Brinell Hardness(500KG) 65 60 74 74
Notched     3 21/2
Unnotched     14 12
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