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  Aluminum sand castings. Brass and Bronze sand castings, since 1969
We provide this nonferrous foundry service using only certified materials.
Douglas Hubert Barr  Founder & CEO
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Sand ( Green, Dry, Co2, No Bake ) Sand casting methods will probably never be outdated, and still account for the largest
number of copper alloy castings today. Because of low initial cost, a sand molding technique should usually be considered first.

                                                  Please choose your nonferrous raw materials here.

                 Popular aluminum alloys at a glance.
      The  alloys, listed hear, contain very little lead.
                     Alloy 319 Aluminum
        C83300 Contact metal     C8570 Yellow brass
Alloy 356 Aluminum Tin Bronze C90500 / SAE 62   3 alloys here
Alloy 713 Aluminum Aluminum Bronze C95500 /  415 D
#3 Zinc
Manganese Bronze C86500 /  421
Loose work & Product development.
Herculoy Silicon Bronze C87610
Production runs
Everdur Silicon Brass C87300
Floor molding, currently to 89"x71" 8"/8"
White Tombisil C99700 
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